Computer Repair

  • Computer hardware diagnostics

  • Troubleshooting and replacement of bad computer hardware, such as hard drives, video cards, processors (CPU's), network cards (NIC's), motherboards, power supply's, memory (RAM), fans, CD/DVD drives, cabling, etc.

  • Installation and upgrading of computer hard drives, memory (RAM), processors (CPU's), video cards, etc.

  • Blue screen of death (BSoD) troubleshooting and repair

  • Troubleshooting and repair of computer "no boot" issues



  • Issues with Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, and 98

  • Computer virus removal

  • Computer operating system reload (clean install), a system upgrade, Service Pack Updates

  • Computer crash troubleshooting and repair

  • Application installation and troubleshooting

  • Resetting lost passwords


  • Wifi installation and configuration

  • Computer network troubleshooting and repair

  • Will assist you with setting up your cable/dsl service

  •  Adding or removing users on a computer

  • Provide backup data solutions

  • Provide cellphone setup

  • Not listed just ask...

Remote Assist
  1. To begin go here (Internet Explorer):

  2. Click on the "Start Full Version Its Free" button

  3. Click run from the popup window

  4. Click Install radio button when teamviewer has started

  5. Click Next

  6. Click Yes to the Run as administrator (if using Windows 7/Vista)

  7. Click personal/non-commercial

  8. Agree to both terms by clicking both check boxes

  9. Click Next

  10. Click No (default) radio button

  11. Click Next

  12. The program will install and run

  13. You will need to provide me with the information on the left of the screen that has your ID and password.

  14. This remote system is completely secure and uses encryption to secure the connection between us.

  15. Your password under your ID changes periodically to protect you. Only allowing me to have access to your computer when you allow me to.